About Us

Our Mission Statement

As the Chancellor's Scholar's Alliance, a nonprofit, student run organization, we intend to serve as a resource for current and future students and to welcome UCSD's newest scholars to our community. We seek to equip and empower scholars to become the world's next generation of leaders by providing them with mentoring networks, bonding socials, and service outreaches in order to build unity, teamwork, and purpose.

We hope to serve as a group in which students can turn to one another for both academic and non-academic support.

The Chancellor's Scholars Alliance was founded on June 2013, with the main goal of offering a place for fellow recipients of the Chancellor's Scholars Scholarship to bond, network, and find a community of like-minded individuals.

The organization now consists of a board made up of many officers and a general body of over 80 Chancellor's Scholars.

Who are the Chancellor's Scholars?

The Chancellor's Scholars are a group of undergraduate students who were awarded the prestigious Chancellor's Scholarship as entering freshmen. All Chancellor's Scholars are outstanding students who have demonstrated academic excellence, often despite persisting hardships.

For more information about the Chancellor's Scholars Program, see this link.
For information about the Chancellor's Scholarship and its benefits, please refer to this link.