Peer Mentoring

The Chancellor's Scholars' Alliance Peer Mentoring program aims to connect entering Chancellor's Scholars with older cohorts to create a strong network with other exceptional scholars and provide support during the transition to life at the university. Throughout the year, our peer mentors share advice for academic success, provide guidance for professional development, and participate with their mentees in social events hosted by the Alliance. With the help of our peer mentors, the entering Chancellor's Scholars cohort can make the most of their time here at UCSD and fulfill their scholarly and professional ambitions.

You can learn more about this year's peer mentors below. If you want to reach out to any of our peer mentors, you can send the Chancellor's Scholars' Alliance an email.

2021-2022 Mentors

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Benson Vuong

Computer Science 4th Year, Warren

Hey! My name is Benson Vuong and I'm a fourth year computer science major from Warren. I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, browsing youtube, and hanging out with my friends.

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Eric Xiao

Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Minors in Linguistics and Chinese Studies 4th year, Warren

Hobbies: Sad anime, video games, baking, strategy games, unreasonably long conversations, taking too many classes

Interests: Natural language processing, linguistics, game dev, machine learning, robotics

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Henry Chan

Computer Science, Minor in Cognitive Science 4th Year, Marshall

Hey there! I'm Henry, and I really love food, music, video games, kdramas, and animes! You can usually find me walking around campus or at events for the UCSD Pepband! I'm usually always down to chat or hang out!

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Ixchel Rivas Torres

Ecomomics and International Business 4th Year, Muir

I love traveling, cooking, watching comedy shows, going to the movies, and going on walks with my pups.

Jack Zhong

Joint Math/Economics, Minor in Environmental Systems 4th Year, Revelle

Hobbies: hiking, kayaking, fishing, cooking, board games, badminton, long-distance running

Juan Ramirez

Computer Science 4th Year, Warren

Hobbies: Learning things like guitar, german (Duolingo), mechanic stuff, photography and a lot of things that are on my list but I haven't gotten to! I also read, play video games, watch movies, listen to music, meditate, work out, and sit outside on evenings/nights and watch the world go by knowing damn well I probably have something to do that I'm forgetting.

Rachel Luu

Mechanical Engineering 4th Year, Sixth

Hobbies: Going to concerts, going out to eat, rock climbing, collecting records, shooting film

Interests: Materials science, engineering advocacy

Vince Ly

Molecular and Cell Biology 4th Year, Marshall

Hi! My name is Vince and I'm a fourth year Molecular and Cell Biology Major from Thurgood Marshall College. When I'm not studying, you can probably find me browsing Reddit, playing tennis, or practicing acoustic guitar.

Andrew Hu

Computer Science 3rd Year, Warren

Hobbies: Table Tennis, Books (romance, fantasy), Chess, Cooking, Exploration
Anime: One Piece, CODE GEASS, Tsuki ga Kirei, FMAB, Made in Abyss, Violet Evergarden
Music Genres: Mandopop, 2000s pop and rock
Interests: Mandarin, Data Systems, Health, Traveling, Understanding Cultural Background

Angela Chapman

Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Minor in Computational Social Science 3rd Year, Muir

Hobbies: Playing the flute, going to the beach, listening to music (especially rock), and watching thought-provoking movies and films
Interests: Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology, Neurocognitive Research on Schizophrenia and Alzheimer's Disease

Anthony Luu

Mechanical Engineering 3rd Year, Revelle

Hi I do video games, calisthenics, anime, cooking, CSA

Carolina Marin

History and Education Studies 3rd Year, Muir

Hi! My name is Carolina Marin and I am a third year Education Studies and History major in Muir College. In my free time I love trying out new foods, anything having to do with music, watching movies (the same ones over and over again sometimes, oops), and getting a little better at tennis. I am also a huge adrenaline junkie so I love big roller coasters and all that stuff. I am super excited to be on the board this year!

Dephny Duan

International Studies and Political Science, Minors in Asian American, Pacific Islander Studies, Human Rights, Migration Studies 3rd Year, ERC

Hobbies: photography, making and drinking lots of coffee, exploring museums and nature, figure skating, crocheting!
Interests: global/social justice, environmental protection, language and culture, critical studies

Jason Win

Computer Science 3rd Year, Marshall

Hi! I'm Jason and I'm a third year Computer Science major in Marshall college. I'm a huge foodie and am always down for a good meal or a boba run. I enjoy basketball, cars, tech, music, and spending time with friends and family.

Kyoko Downey

Literature/Writing, Minor in Psychology 3rd Year, Warren

Hobbies: Art, reading/writing, concert-going, hiking, baking, and adventuring!
Interests: Personal business development, writing for publication, fashion/aesthetics, anime, mental health advocacy, wellness, the arts, and literature.

Mel Espinosa

Clinical Psychology, Minor in Philosophy 3rd Year, Warren

Hobbies: Going to see live music, going to the beach, reading, hiking, cooking
Interests: Developmental psychology, gardening, watching anything on Netflix

Anthony Ye

Ecology, Behavior and Evolution ESYS 2nd Year, Seventh

I love anime and I play Minecraft, I love talking about anything biology related, especially environmental policies, climate change, and social and political issues. If you get me started I might ramble about conservation for hours.

Bailey Bujnosek

Literatures in English and [petitioning for] Psychology B.S. 2nd Year, Revelle

Hello! My name's Bailey & I'm an English Literature major in Revelle :) My interests include writing, listening to Mitski & Amy Winehouse, & thinking too much about tv/film/Internet culture.

Bradly Chester

Computer Science 2nd Year, Sixth

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I am a second-year psychology major! Some of my favorite things to do are listening to music, taking walks at Lake Miramar, and watching sunsets/stargazing. I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of you this upcoming year and making memories :)

Emily Songvilay

Psychology B.S. 2nd Year, Marshall

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I am a second-year psychology major! Some of my favorite things to do are listening to music, taking walks at Lake Miramar, and watching sunsets/stargazing. I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of you this upcoming year and making memories :)

Jemariz Arzobal

Neurobiology 2nd Year, Marshall

Hey, I'm Jem! I enjoy lots of arts & crafts, scrolling through many modes of social media, watching anime, playing Stardew Valley and the Sims, and seeing local bands :)

Lyssa Hermstad

General Biology 2nd Year, Seventh

I am a very bright/happy person who wants to be a Surgeon. I am eco-friendly and vegan. I like playing video games, relaxing, art (down for any medium), plants, moral philosophy, going for random walks with friends, singing (in a capella and choir). I am also very open to new experiences/trying new things (especially creative artsy things).

Macey Keung

Media Major (Vis Arts), Minor in Congitive Science (maybe) 2nd Year, Sixth

artsy fairy rollerskater <3
co-founder of Antifragile Zine, an artist collective, media platform, and independent publication for and by youth artists to uplift marginalized voices.
can often be found living out some crazy spontaneous adventure as if my life was an indie coming-of-age movie, thrifting with friends, listening to psychedelic music, or roller-skating around campus.

Nhat Pham

Mathematics 2nd Year, Revelle

Hi all! My name is Nhat Pham, and I'm a second year math major at Revelle. I love K-pop and playing Genshin, and also I dabble in some cooking as well. Looking forward to meet you all!

Phil Howard

Political Science 2nd Year, Marshall

I am passionate about politics and homeless outreach. In my free time, I love weightlifting, running, surfing, and guitar.

QuyenDi Nguyen

Neurobiology, Minor in Studio Art 2nd Year, Warren

Hobbies: reading, creative writing, gaming, digital art, finding anime that makes me cry and question my life choices for at least a week afterwards, playing go/weiqi, listening to j-rock, just chillin and chatting with people on Discord

Quynh Pham

Psychology 2nd Year

Hello! My hobbies are always changing and I love trying new things. As of right now, I currently love playing tennis, doing yoga, crocheting, and reading. I don’t fully know what I want to be yet, but I’m positive it’ll be something in the medical field. I hope to learn as much from you as you do from me!

Ryan Jones

Chemical Engineering 2nd Year, Sixth

Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Jones, and I'm a sophomore Chemical Engineering major in sixth college. I'm particularly interested in applied energy sustainability and efficiency, as well as systems engineering! I'm from Ventura, CA, and in my free time love to play table tennis, take photos, game, and enjoy food with friends. Currently I'm involved with AIChe, RPL, and am extremely excited to work with everyone in CSA :)!

Sharlyn Figueroa

Biochemistry (planning to switch to Human Biology) 2nd Year, Revelle

Hobbies: playing video games, practicing instruments, watching anime/kdramas,
Interests: MedLife, traveling,